But first, what is Cheap Monday doing?
We started with production and now
we’re almost there!

Our journey to become a sustainable company started slowly but we picked up real quick! With a lot of devotion and a clear goal in mind we’re almost rising to the top. 100% of Men’s, Women’s and Denim collections for Fall-Winter 2018 will be labelled sustainable!

SS16 -
not so great

Only Men’s - about 8%

FW16 -
getting better

Off to a good start!
Men’s - sustainable 17%
Women’s - sustainable 15%
Denim - sustainable 35%

SS17 -
getting there

72% of our denim, 51%
of the menswear and 34% of
the womenwear are labelled
sustainable. NOT BAD!

FW18 - 100%!

100% of the men’s and women’s
garments will be labelled sustainable,
together with all denim.
Cheap Monday Sustainability timeline
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learn more)
Click and drag the jeans to see our journey!

Unzip the truth: how much impact on the
environment do new clothes have
when they leave the stores?

(Click and drag the zipper to guess)
Tell me!

As much as 26%! This means:
YOU too can make a BIG difference.

Make good choices in how you take care of your clothes and what you do with them when you don’t want them anymore. You can make a BIG difference.
Keep the

What is the most conscious way
of drying your laundry?

(Click and shake
the jeans to find out)

Be humble, don’t tumble.

Crying tumble dryer
It’s gonna take a little longer but you can hang your laundry outside.
Alternatively you can hang it inside on chairs, doors and hangers.
Your laundry will make the room smell great too!
More facts!
Let them
on me

Washing at 60° instead of 30°
and tumble drying has consequences:
your carbon footprint gets bigger.
How many times?

five times
Wash at 30°, you’re not that dirty.

Wash cold and don’t tumble dry your clothes! Washing at 30° and drying them hanging will have a carbon footprint of 0.6 kg compared to a carbon footprint of 3.3 kg if you wash at 60° and use the dryer.

It’s pretty simple and yet very effective, both on your laundry and the environment.
Easy stuff that
makes sense.
Gimme more!

Where do most discarded clothes end up
when you don’t want them anymore?

Make your move, drag the jeans to answer.
Happy Jeans
They get recycled
Trash bin
Burnt in an incinerator or they go to a landfill

We can do better! About 80% is burnt or ends up
in a landfill because they’re not recycled.

Heaven Jeans
Don’t throw away your clothes carelessly, that just doesn’t fly!
Last one and
you’re done.

That’s it! With the basics covered
you can get your deserved reward!

Well done getting through the quiz but your journey is not over! Read further about what we do and how to improve on your sustainable approach, it’s worth it! Read more about our sustainability approach
*Find all sources of the quiz
here, here and here!
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