Cheap Monday Pre-Spring 2014 Collection

Pre-Spring 2014

Our Pre-Spring 2014 Collection is about making your mark. The aesthetic is rough, inspired by the concrete pavements, subways and brick walls that make up our urban wasteland.

We channel strong street culture energy and force the classic — check and leopard patterns — into raw, smudgy prints. Runny black ink and pink spray graffiti set the tone. Random flow pen scribbles create T–shirt, sweat and sweat pant graphics. A sprayed leopard print recurs on a mini denim skirt, jacket and jeans. The jersey program has been bombed with sprayed letters and skulls. The silhouette is loose with a strong street reference in boxy tops and wide, knitted sweaters. Bomber details on shirts, sweaters, contrast collars and cuffs add an active touch. Layered jersey dresses and a super short skirt gives a styled yet casual look with an attitude. The denim collection is focused with a new slubby super stretchy fabric in three classic shades of blue. A color story where the overdye effect is drifting between two shades brings brightness and vibrancy to the denim range. The grey and black leopard print runs through the denim line emphasizing the saturated scrawled look of the collection. A new, deep indigo denim is also featured in the rigid line, and is available as unwashed or in a light blue wash with a dirty tint.