Sustainable denim

The majority 72% of our jeans for Spring Summer 2017 are made using organic cotton. Sustainability is of paramount importance to us. In 2004 we disrupted the denim market with the original, unisex, skinny fit jeans `Tight´, now we're taking the next steps by increasing the amount of eco-friendlier materials across our collections. For Fall Winter 2017 100% of our jeans will be made using organic cotton.

Being a jeanswear brand, cotton is among our most frequently used materials. We're aware of the negative impact that conventionally grown cotton has on humans and the environment. We're happy and proud to offer a more sustainable alternative. And the journey is not over yet.

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We're increasing the percentage of sustainable materials in the collections season by season
What's organic cotton, why use it?
Organic cotton is grown without any chemical pesticides and fertilisers and it does't contain GMO
Choosing organic cotton instead of conventional cotton means:
- 46% less climate impact
- 71% less water and 62% less energy used in the process
According to Textile Exchange

Join our journey towards a more sustainable future by caring for your garments in the right way.

These are a few quick and daily tips to easily take care and extend the lifetime of your garments. Caring for your clothes serves several purposes:
- It's economical, you avoid spending too much money on renewing your wardrobe too often.
- It's emotional, you keep your favourite pieces longer.
- It's crucial, you help taking care of our planet.

Quick & Daily tips:
- Wash your clothes at a low temperature. Temperatures indicated on your garments’ labels are only the maximum ones:
your clothes will still get clean at a lower temperature!
- Mend what you can: sometimes a patch or an easy touch up
with a simple needle and thread is enough.
Ripped denim is kinda cool anyways!
- Instead of throwing away usable clothes,
give them away to your local charity.
- Leave your old or torn textile in collection bins. Every Cheap Monday Store - has dedicated collecting bins: bringing in your old clothes will contribute to the recycling of fabrics and the creation
of new garments will be possible.

For Fall Winter 2017 100% of our jeans
will be made using organic cotton