It's sustainable

What are we doing?
We started with the materials and now we’re almost there! Our journey to become a sustainable brand started slowly but we picked up real quick! With a lot of devotion and a clear goal in mind we’re almost rising to the top. 100% of Men’s, Women’s and Denim collections for Fall-Winter 2018
will be labelled sustainable!

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Let’s help earth carry the weight.
Soft on you, easier on Earth.
We believe in a better, more sustainable future and we look forward to getting there with you.
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Washing at 60° instead of 30°and tumble drying has consequences: your carbon footprint gets five times bigger. Wash cold and don’t tumble dry your clothes! Washing at 30° and drying them hanging will have a carbon footprint of 0.6 Kg compared to a carbon footprint of 3.3 Kg if you wash at 60° and use the dryer. It’s pretty simple and yet very effective, both on your laundry and the environment.