Spring King

Manchester’s Spring King are a hard-rockin’ band like no other: pulverising guitars driving Beach Boys melodies, the soaring pop chorus over garage-rock bedlam, mosh-pit jubilance and crowd-surf abandon – in the name of a better life. Young men in their 20s, they’re all about connection – and people duly respond.

“Energy is the aura, the feel, the atmosphere,” says Tarek Musa, Spring King’s uniquely multi-talented singer/drummer/song-writer/producer/mixer. “We put everything we have into our music and that rubs off. Maybe because we’re so open. We sing about problems quite a lot but in an uplifting way. Every song is a sing-a-long. It’s about uniting everyone, rallying everyone back together.”

Their amazing new album ‘A Better Life’ comes out on Aug 17th…

Spring King x Cheap Monday playlist

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