It's recycled

The end is not the end; when your loved garment has been worn and torn beyond repair it can
-with a little help from you- reach the next level instead of ending up as landfill. That is why we are encouraging you to recycle, always.
Up to 26% of the environmental impact in a garment’s life happens after it has left the store. This means you can make a big difference!

We’re taking care of the production side and getting better every year. You can be part of this too. Make good choices in how you take care of your clothes and what you do with them when you don’t want them anymore.

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Rewear – clothing that can be worn again is marketed as second hand clothes.

Reuse – clothes and textiles that are no longer suitable for wearing will be turned into other products, such as cleaning cloths.

Recycle - textiles that can’t be re-used are used to manufacture things such as damping and insulating materials in the auto industry or possibly new fibres for textile production.
The end is not the end: waste can be your new threads.
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