Cheap Monday
Best Denim Brand of the Year

Cheap Monday was announced as the winner of the Fashion Net Awards, in the “Best Denim Brand of the Year” category, for its collaboration with Faustine Steinmetz. All pieces were produced using organic cotton, in compliance with Cheap Monday’s vision on sustainability. Each piece was unique, encouraging personal expression through customisation – a fundamental message both brands wished to portray throughout the collaboration.

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A limited edition collection of bold, unique pieces.
All pieces have been produced using organic cotton, maintaining Cheap Monday’s vision on sustainability
The collaboration developed when Cheap Monday’s Head Denim Designer Carl Malmgren was impressed by Faustine’s methods of re-working classic, denim archetypes into something new and totally unique

A collaboration with Cheap Monday was a natural and desired partnership for Faustine, who as a teenager would often wear top-to-toe Cheap Monday looks.