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Garment Care

Find out a few quick and daily tips to easily take care and extend the lifetime of your garments. Join our journey towards a more sustainable future by caring for your garments in the right way.

Garment Care

Caring for your clothes serves several purposes:
-It's economical, you avoid spending too much money on renewing your wardrobe too often.
-It's emotional, you keep your favorite pieces longer.
-It's crucial, you help taking care of our planet!

Quick & Daily Tips:

-Wash your clothes at a low temperature. The temperatures indicated on your garments are only the maximum ones: your clothes will still get clean at a lower temperature!
-Mend what you can. Sometimes a patch, or an easy touch up with a simple needle and thread is enough. On some pieces like denim, ripped can even be on-trend!
-Air your clothes instead of washing them. By simply hanging your clothes outside in the garden, on the balcony or in the window!

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