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Our sustainability approach is firmly rooted in a dedication to social and environmental responsibility, good working conditions, human rights, animal welfare and care for the environment.

All our business partners signs our Sustainability Commitment to ensure that they work in accordance with our requirements and dedication to secure good working conditions, human rights, animal welfare and care for the environment.

The sustainability commitment covers a range of internationally agreed standards (e.g. the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights) along with a number of multilateral conventions and multi-stakeholder standards and guidelines on human rights, environment and animal welfare issues.

Some of the issues being addressed in our Sustainability Commitment are:

-No child labour
-No forced, bonded or prison labour
-No discrimination
-No excessive working hours
-Fair living wage
-Safe and healthy working conditions
-A legally binding employment contract
-Freedom of association

Regular inspections and audits are carried out to ensure that our business partners fulfill the requirements outlined in the commitment. The H&M Group has a zero tolerance policy and take a proactive approach in preventing corruption. All our business partners, as well as all staff, signs our Code of Ethics to ensure that all business carried out with or on behalf of our company is always conducted in accordance with our Code of Ethics and applicable laws and regulations in the country of business. Most of our production takes place in China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. We do not own factories; our garments are produced by independent suppliers.