Cheap Monday Pre-fall 2014 Collection

Pre-Fall 2014

Our Pre-Fall 2014 COlleCtiOn SeCretS anD lieS is all about gossip, rumours, crying eyes and backstabbing.

The theme is most apparent in text prints such as ”Eye Did It”, ”NOT ME”, and graphics with symbolic eyes and crying babies. Even our beloved skull is crying.?We have once more worked with a full-on denim look where skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts and jackets — even sweats and jerseys — match to give a complete look from top to toe. We call these washes Pre-Wash White and Pre-Wash Midnight. Dotty contrast melange knits and sweats, as well as eye-dot prints on jerseys, denim and poplin shirts match the denim. The crying baby graphic is sized up and printed on big boxy sweaters. We’ve also sized up our logo and label to a large woven patch, which is sewn on to the front of T-shirts. For women the silhouette is versatile, and the garments can be worn straight and boxy or nipped in at the waist with press buttons. This is a fea- ture on jersey tops and dresses as well as on pop- lin shirts and a bleached down soft denim jacket. There is a focus on the back, with contrast tight ribbed dresses and tops with bra straps details in the back. The collection also features asymmetrical woven dresses and super chunky tape yarn sweaters. New for women’s jeans is Prime, a mid-waist, skinny fit. It is built on our Slim fit and combines both comfort and look. For the Pre-Fall 2014 Collection it comes in a cropped version. For men key pieces are a new matching sweater and sweatpant tracksuit in nep jersey, and horizontal- striped T-shirts, sweats and shirts. There is also a new style denim jacket, Staple Cut, with the col- lar removed and raw edge around the neck. For Pre- Fall 2014 we ´re also introducing a gilet version of our Staple denim jacket in black. Overall, the denim reflects the roots of Cheap Monday with a trashy and smudgy look. Rips and total destruction are mixed with super dense ice colours in blue tones. Colours for the Pre-Fall 2014 Collection are piercing blue, vivid orange and gum pink along with neutrals like creme, black and darker blues.