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Knowing where your favourite jeans come from matters. Here’s where you can find the answers about where our products come from, who manufactures and processes them.

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Sustainability is of paramount importance to us. In the early 2000’s we disrupted the denim market with the original, unisex, skinny fit jeans `Tight´. Now, through our brand ambition - to be the most relevant and sustainable jeanswear brand on the street, we are taking the next steps by increasing our focus on more sustainable materials and processes across our collections.

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Recycle or die

We want to give old, worn out and discarded textiles a new life and we want to have fun doing it. That´s why we created this videogame.

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The end is not the end; when your loved garment has been worn and torn beyond repair it can with a little help from you reach the next level instead of ending up as trash. That is why we are encouraging you to recycle, always!

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Our sustainability approach is firmly rooted in a dedication to social and environmental responsibility, good working conditions, human rights, animal welfare and care for the environment. Being part of the H&M group, a world leading fashion company within sustainability, provides us with the scale, structure and backing to do our very best.

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Being sustainable takes devotion, we all have to start somewhere. Learn the basics on what to do as a consumer by taking the quiz.

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Garment Care

Sustainability starts at the design phase - when choosing fabrics and adapting cutting practices to minimize waste - and continues throughout manufacturing, shipping and transportation to the store, but it does not stop there. The environmental impact of a product continues throughout its entire lifecycle; according to as much as 26% of the impact occurs after the garment has left the store. Your contribution is important.

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