Fall 2014

The fall 2014 collection theme reflects its naïve and youthful direction, the positive spirit of the innocent in the face of a gloomy environment. The young glorify the end of the world, as destruction is a chance for change and revolution!

The opposing youth are eager for change, and the conflict between the playful and serious has been an inspiration for the prints as well as the denim and collection. Raw, heavy denim and inverted denim are prominent throughout the collection. Texture is important with crinkled jersey, fleece, leatherette, pleated chiffon and jersey as well as clear sequins on knits, flannel, denim and jersey. The shapes are straight and organic with rounded shoulders and funnel- necks. There is a clean seriousness to the look with more sombre colours. Clashing with the solemn feel we play with a crazy crisp print with a matching gold crisp jewellery kit, playful fabrics such as faux fur, velvet, reflective fabric, fluffy knits and sparkly effects. A faux knot detail is used to shape the garments on denim dresses, blouses, jersey and sweat. A knotted reflective backpack and puffer bags to match the collection. The rough, smudgy and random versus the clean and crisp play an important role for the denim as well, where greys and blueblacks, rips and bleach clash with constructed crisp twills and square shapes on white coatings. A new mid-rise skinny fit is introduced in “Prime”, as well as a new denim jacket “ikon”.

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