Cheap Monday Fall 2014 Backstage

Richard Hutchinson Talks Jeans, Andy Warhol and joining Cheap Monday design team

In early February, Richard Hutchinson joined Cheap Monday. He will be part of the brand's design team and be responsible for the men's collection. We asked him a few questions.

Hi Richard and welcome! What makes you excited about working at Cheap Monday?

I decided to join after being approached by Ann-Sofie Back, the Creative Director of Cheap Monday. By working at Cheap Monday, I am expecting a creativity rush and a new interesting chapter in my role as a designer.

What is your position gonna be?

I will be Meanswear Designer at the head office in Stockholm.

What did you do before working at Cheap Monday?

I was the Designer at The Local Firm, a Stockholm-based brand of which I was the founder of for 6 years. Prior to that I was a Designer at Tiger of Sweden Jeans and Acne. From my experience I have learnt to be humble, be proud and work hard. There is not one way to design a collection. Although I have been working as a Designer for 14 years I still learn something new each season.

How many pairs of Cheap Monday jeans do you own?

One pair, I got them many years ago in Cheap Mondays early days. My favorite cut is high slim, recently I have been wearing super long sweaters so the jeans are perceived as a part of a layered look. I almost always wear jeans.

What do you have on your desk when you work?

Loads of coffee cups and pictures of my husband and our dog. Pen and paper and Creative Suite.

Favorite person living or dead?

Wow, difficult… Perhaps Andy Warhol? It’s Amazing that one person could generate so many new ideas that influenced so many. If I could meet him I would ask if I could hang out in The Factory with him, but then I would need a time machine first…

What is the best thing about working at Cheap Monday?

The team is amazing and the products are really fun to work with! The atmosphere in the studio is creative, ambitious and free-spirited. People in Sweden are used to new concepts and ideas and easily adapt to new ways of doing things. That makes work life enjoyable and interesting. Even though I have only been at Cheap Monday for a week, I already have a strong impression. The team are all strong individuals but also work well together as a group.

Thank you and good luck!