On Tuesday 28th August, we held our SS 2013 fashion show at a skatepark in Stockholm during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The event was live-streamed on our website and Facebook Page so fans all over the world could see the show. Watch the show again here, and check out backstage images here. Also, have a look at our behind-the-scenes coverage on Instagram (@cheapmonday) or Twitter (@cheapmonday).

Big thanks to our fantastic team at the show: longtime collaborator and stylist Naomi Itkes. Marcus Pettersson for the wonderful casting. Sahara Widoff for the amazing set design. Igna Alonso on make-up, the one and only Rudi Lewis for hair and last but not least Erik Haal for the music!


To understand our world, we humans divide things into categories. They are often opposites: day/night, human/animal, sick/healthy. Through categorization we create a sense of security. Anomalies exist in between categories. When encountering an anomaly we can react with horror, disgust or fear. The reactions are often physical and our intellect isn’t always involved. For the SS-13 collection, we have focused on anomalies such as the androgynous or genderless, treating these subjects in relation to the frames of duality. We have gone to outer space, returning with UFO and alien inspiration for prints and materials. The alien, artificial, ambiguous, strong, weird and genderless is central for the collection.