have itcheap monday borrowed jeans campaign

Borrowed Jeans always look better!

cheap monday borrowed jeans campaign

Everyone has friends who raid their wardrobe, leaving nothing but a pair of shoe laces in their wake. We hate to see our favourite jeans disappear, but we love finding our new favourite jeans in our best friends closet too… 

cheap monday borrowed jeans campaign

Inspired by the sneaky borrowers and reluctant lenders, we bring you Borrowed Jeans, six of our favourite Cheap Monday fits  – Donna, Common, Omega, Him Spray, Linear and Sonic all ready to be styled up,  dressed down, stashed away and we’re guessing, borrowed from your wardrobe soon….

We invited a few of our friends to raid the infamous Cheap Monday clothing closet, here at our place in Stockholm so that they could style and share their best Borrowed Jeans looks with you.

Meet photographer Frida Vega Salomonsson fashion blogger Gustav Broström and our own denim designer Stop all this nonsense borrowing :(

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